Change of plans: forget XDXF and Lingvo dictionaries -> use StarDict


I just saw that KOReader supports StarDict dictionaries. That's a good news since the previous converter had limitations and I just couldn't convert my 700mb XDXF to the Lingvo format without loosing too much stuff.

So, change of plans. Let's convert dictionary.com to a StarDict format that can be then read by KOReader on my PocketBook.

And... I'm almost there. StarDict files are all created and it works \o/
I just need to add the synonyms, either by using a .syn file or by adding the synonyms as regular word entries. Not sure yet.

Anyway I deleted my old project DictionaryDotComToXdxf from GitHub.
Instead, let me introduce offline_dictionary.com.

Early version
And it works using StarDict 3.0.4 rev 10.

When I'll be satisfied of my StarDict version of dictionary.com I will post it here, and spread it around the world I guess.

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