dictionary.com as a StarDict dictionary

Here we go:
Word entries : 439,676
Definitions: 149,135

This is a 2.4.2 compliant StarDict dictionary, meaning that it should work pretty much anywhere

Version 2.4.2 of the StarDict format doesn't support the synonyms file, nor does it support multiple definitions for the same word. To get around this restriction, I put all the definitions one after another for a same word.

For example, instead of having 3 different entries for 'fan' like so:
  1. any device for producing a current of air
  2. an enthusiastic devotee
  3. one of the long, sharp, hollow or grooved teeth
there will be only one entry 'fan', with 3 sub-definitions like that :
  1. 1.fan
    any device for producing a current of air...
    2. fan
    an enthusiastic devotee..
    3. fan
    see Fang..
Doesn't change much right?
All of the synonyms, different spellings and stuff for 'fan' will point to this single big ass definition.

You can use this dictionary on your desktop computer using GoldenDict:


And of course this will work on many eBook readers that supports StarDict dictionaries. Like the Onyx Booxes where it's natively supported. Works on PocketBooks although with KOReader as native dictionary is for the shit Lingvo format. Which is the reason I did all of this.

Wanna know how I did all of this?

  • First I tried to do this. But this failed miserably.
    The XDXF -> ABBY Lingvo converter was the last straw, and I gave up.
  • After many months, I got pissed again, just like last time.
    Except that since I was using KOReader, I could try something new: converting dictionary.com as a StarDict dictionary.
  • Which I did. With success this time.
    Head there over GitHub for the source code.

The converter in action

Enjoy before this whole shit gets taken down!
╯°□°)╯︵ (~ .o.)~

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