NEOn00b Save Scavenger

I have created a save manager for the game NEO Scavenger. Because Ima n00b ass prick that dies too much. And also because the game doesn't auto save! So I was pissed and created this.
It only works for the Steam version, for now.


You can find the little program, ready to use, there.
Last updated: v1.0.1.1 from 24th December 2014.

Yes I know you are a poor n00b. So I provided this screenshot on the right. Now you know where to click to download this wonderful tool. Why, thank you, your kind words warm my heart.

What does this do?

  1. Enables keyboard hotkeys to save/load a game save
  2. Enables to use of the Escape key to access the game main menu and disables F1
  3. It shows green text on your screen
  4. It talks to you

How do I use this?

Step 1

Run the app. The program will look for the NEOScavenger *Steam* save folder. If it doesn't find it, an error message will appear.

Once it has found it, it will create a "saves" folder right next to where you put the little program. This is normal. So if you are on Win Vista+, remember to give writing permission to the folder where you put my tool.

If you don't understand what I just said, it's okay: in simple words don't put the save tool in "Program Files".

Alright. Now the program should show a green message on top of the screen. Something like "NEOn00b Save Scavenger started!". it will also talk to you, don't freak out. You are now ready to roll.

You will notice a new tray icon. This is the tool's icon. Right click to access some options. Like if you don't want it to TALK to you you can disable TTS (Text-to-Speech).

The tool will create a configuration file right next to the program as well. You can manually edit this INI file for your greatest pleasure. Check the Tweaking section below for more info.


Step 2

This is what you will see clicking on the "Help" entry from the tray menu.
It shows the keyboards hotkeys to load and save.

  • Hold Numpad . (dot) and hit Numpad 1 --> This will copy the current save to slot #1
  • Hold Numpad 0 (zero) and hit Numpad 1 --> This will restore the slot #1 save
 Everytime you execute an hotkey, an (awesome) OSD style message appears on screen.

Problem you need to know

The game doesn't create a save, unless you go back to the main screen and click "SAVE & QUIT". So in order for all of this to work, regularly go the main menu and click on that button to create a save. Once that's done, you can NumpadDot+1 or 2, 3 ... up to 9 to create a copy of that save.

When you die

Shit happens. Too often.
Well you are a n00b save scavenger afterall.

When on that magnificient screen you know too well, just load the save slot you want, and click "NEW GAME".

And then quickly hit "CONTINUE" from the the main screen before the game detects a save and remove it.




If the above failed, "no save found" or during the game

Just start a "NEW GAME". Then select random skills and start the adventure.

When you wake up from the cryo, just go to the main menu, and "SAVE & QUIT"; doing this will create an official save. Now you can overwrite the save using the loading hotkey. The save has now been overwritten. Great.

Now just click "CONTINUE" and the game will load its save that has been replaced by ours. And there you go. n00b.


As said before, an INI file is created. In there you can edit the OSD text font color/size/style and if you wanna have an outline, etc. Don't hesitate to edit the file and to restart the tool to see your changes. If you fuck up the config file too much, just delete it: the tool recreates a new one if needed.



  • Fixed bug when the steam install folder ain't at the drive root
  • Finding the game save folder should be better now


  • Added INI config file
  • Added TTS support
  • Added OSD text outline
  • Sources are now using my latest libraries


  • Added tray menu with an help popup showing the hotkeys
  • Disabled the ESCAPE key while in game. Now the ESCAPE key behaves like the F1 key: main menu
  • Reduced code size
  • Removed duplicate icon in the binary
  • Tray icon choses now the right icon size
  • Binary now contains meta data like product version, etc.


The sources can be found there. The programming language is AutoHotkey, using a custom build called AutoHotkey_L. All the source code can be found inside the .ahk file. To compile and create an .exe file, just run Ahk2Exe, select the .ahk file, indicate where to create the resulting .exe and hit Convert! If you don't trust the .exe, just read the code and compile it by yourself ;)


The license for "NEOn00b Save Scavenger" is the WTFPL: Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License.

I don't think the app can actually comply with that license. The OSD.ahk file included in the code is from a dude code named blk_panther. And I still consider this file not altered enough to be considered as 'brand new' pieces of code that I could 'own' and release under WTFPL. Oh well.


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